Fitness Friday

I think I’ll start by saying today was another smoothie success with my husband. I whipped up a Peach Banana Strawberry batch for the two of us and he loved it. It looks like I need to start buying two tubs of yogurt at a time now, which is fine by me. At least I know my baby is getting some nutrition before work.

For Friday I decided I’d make it Fitness Friday. I talk about food most of the time so why not dedicate a day specifically to fitness. That doesn’t mean I won’t discuss fitness other days, or food on Fridays, just that fitness WILL be discussed on Friday no matter what.
Typically I’m not much of a schedule person. I often go through periodic phases of feeling like I need to adopt a workout program, then drop it after a week. I’ve made great progress doing things my way, but sometimes I feel stumped and need a kick to get me going again. So I suppose the programs do serve a purpose for me; they get me back to doing me.
I’m all over the place with my workouts. Currently I’m using my stairs as a great workout. I try to do it everyday, but that doesn’t always happen. I use an app called Cardio Trainer to track while I’m going up and down my 14 stairs. I started doing 3 minutes, progressed to 5, then to 10. At 10 minutes I burn right around 90 calories (according to the app). I’ve been thinking I wanted to up the challenge a bit, but wasn’t really feeling adding another 5 minutes to it. While I was running up and down and getting close to hitting 10 minutes I realized what to do, I’ll change my goal from 10 minutes to burning at least 100 calories. It was perfect! I ran up and down those stairs for 12 minutes, burning 109 calories. 😀
I also love Tabata intervals which really get you going and rev you up for your workouts or for your day if you do it in the morning. A quick, 4 minute high intensity workout is just the thing most of us need with our busy lives. I follow the Tabata workouts at She has lots of other videos, too, not just Tabata and not just workouts.
On Lose It! I’m part of a team called Runners are Losers. We have weekly challenges like the One Mile Challenge. Each week we try to beat last week’s mile. I’m happy to report that I continue to improve weekly!
Also, I have several workout apps on my phone. Some have lots of different exercises to choose from, some are daily workouts. I actually have 5 Daily Workout apps; daily abs, daily arms, daily legs, daily butt and daily cardio. I don’t use them daily, but they are great when I’m in the mood to target certain areas.
I love walking, biking riding and finding new ways to get in some calorie burns during my days.
There is one program that I’ve been sticking with. I’m currently on week two, day three. It’s a 3 day a week, 6 week program with a test every two weeks. Curious? If you’re interested in improving your upper body strength and don’t terribly mind pushups, then you’ll find this challenge appealing.

Hundred Pushups

You start off doing an exhaustion test. You do as many good form pushups as you possibly can. This test will determine how you start your program. I can only do 2, maybe 3 pushups on the toes so I’m doing this program from my knees. Once I complete the program on my knees I plan on repeating it doing real pushups. Like I said, today is week 2 day 3 for me. I have to complete this challenge with 120 second rests in between each set (each day is different):
Max (at least 20)
This looks very scary! I haven’t yet maxed that high. My highest is 19 and that was week 1 day 3. I’m praying I can accomplish today’s challenge so I can move on to week 3. Tomorrow will be another exhaustion test which will determine where I start for week 3 and 4. I can’t wait until the day that I can drop and do 100 pushups!

Well I want to know what YOU do for fitness! Are you a program person, a gym person, a wingin’ it person? What has and hasn’t worked for you? I’m always up for hearing stories and learning new things so please comment with yours!
I look forward reading your responses!

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