Fitness Friday!

I know I have been slacking in getting posts up. Life is a busy place to be! Having to post from my phone makes it that much more of a task for me. But I’m here now, posting, and that’s what counts, right?
So here goes!
This week I’ve been bodyrockin!! Go check out It’s crazy, It’s hard, It’s awesome! I’m actually doing it with a friend long distance. I send her the links to the ones we’re going to do and then we do them on the same day. It’s a pretty cool way to get motivated. šŸ™‚ One of the days was a Bodyrock lite workout which went as follows: 100 sumo side lifts, 50-75 pushups, 50-75 tricep dips, 50/50 step ups, ending with 15 slow stability ball crunches. Of course, these can all be modified to be more or less intense depending on your ability. Me? I chose to take them all to the pool! I love working out in water. It’s much easier on my joints, I can do more and I reap the benefits of water resistance. I was able to do the max of all the exercises! To some degree it is easier to do these in water, but it’s also more challenging. It really forces you to engage more muscles to keep your body in proper position and balance. I should also add that performing sumo side lifts in the water has really worked my inner thighs, and the step ups have really worked my glutes better than any exercise I’ve ever tried for those specific areas. I enjoyed this pool workout so much that I did it 2 days in a row, and if the weather cooperates I’ll be going out to do it again. As usual, I’m always incorporating walking and biking into my weeks. I aim to burn at least 100 calories with each walk and ride. I’m going on a virtual walk/run this evening to help motivate a friend get out there. She’s had a setback in her running and is ready to start back up, slowly of course. Healing is always the most important! So tonight while she’s out she’ll know that I’m out with her, and visa versa, encouraging each other to keep going. I just think that’s a pretty amazing thing.

This month on Lose It! some of us are challenging ourselves, and each other, to incorporate more yoga into our lives. We know the benefits of yoga, yet we still needed that something extra to motivate us to do it. The bonus: we earn a really pretty badge if we do yoga at least 12 times within a month. šŸ™‚
For anyone needing help with food and exercise, I highly recommend becoming a member of a great community like Lose It!. We have such an amazing support system there and we all are there for the same reasons; to lose weight, get healthy and get fit for life. Come join us! We’d love to have you!
Wow, now I feel like a commercial. šŸ˜›
Have a fabulous weekend! Do your best to make healthy choices, find time for a little exercise, and most of all have fun!

Q: What is a short term goal you have set for this month?
Making short term goals is a great way to have some fun with fitness and/ or food. Sometimes we need to focus on something small and rewarding, other than the big, distant, final goal. You can create a goal to incorporate a new workout or exercise into your routine, or to try a new food once a week. Anything that sounds interesting, fun and rewarding to you. Please, share with us your goals. You might just inspire someone else.

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