Healthy Saturday Lunch And Facebook Plug


Saturday Lunch

Quick and easy, assuming you’ve already cut your cantaloupe and boiled your eggs.
1 extra large boiled egg on top of fresh chopped tomato, 1/2 cup fresh cantaloupe, 1/3 cups sliced cucumbers. Nice, cold, refreshing lunch for a hot summer’s day!
*Be sure to check out my Facebook page for my weekend fitness game. I’ve also restarted the Hundred Pushups Program! You can find the updates on my progress on the Facebook page, also. I’m pretty proud of my new pushups ability!

*How many consecutive good form pushups can you perform? Can you guess my number? Comment with your guess, then head over to Facebook to see how close you were!

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One thought on “Healthy Saturday Lunch And Facebook Plug

  1. that looks GOOOOOOOOOD! The summer sucks all the fun out of my meals as I am never in the mood for a rich or heavy dinner when it is so hot out. I tend to live off of fruit/veggie smoothies and no-bake cookies. and the like. a bowl of cereal on occasion. But I love a good plate of fresh fruit, especially when it is cold! Or, some cold tangerine slices after a long run on a summer evening. best feeling ever. ever. ever!

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