This Girl Is Going Places

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you know that I’ve recently signed up with a company called Body FX to promote and sell their new line of nutritional supplements.

Why have I chosen this company?
Why did I decide to join a network marketing company?
What the hell do I know about network marketing?
What the hell do I know about supplements?

1) I have chosen this company because I believe wholeheartedly that they have formulated THE best products out there. They’ve created a higher standard for quality, which you will all be seeing once the product is launched. They’ve also created their business model with the distributors in mind. Everything they’re doing is to help us create a great business for ourselves AND those on our team. This is NOT a “selfish” company, and neither are the members of my team. We all are in it to help ourselves while helping everyone else. You haven’t seen anything like this before.
2) I chose to get involved in network marketing for one reason; The oppurtunity this company offers will most likely never present itself again. Getting into a company on the ground floor is something that I just could not pass up. (And getting in for free was a huge bonus!)
3) Nothing. I am learning everything from my upline, the company,  researching and reading everything I can. This is TOTALLY new to me.
4) Not much, other than I want them clean, effective and affordable, and Body FX products provide all three of those things.

My husband and I decided to make the leap of faith and upgrade to coach right away. By upgrading within the first week of pre-launch (which ends tonight) I now have the title of  Founding Charter Coach. Along with the  MANY perks of being an FCC, I will be receiving triple (free) leads from the company during the month of May!  Say what?!?! What company does that?! Body FX does.

Beginning in May we will be offering several products including a meal replacement shake, protein, energy shots, etc. and also the JNL Fusion workout DVD series (which is already being sold through television infomercials and magazine ads).

I’ve offered this opportunity to my close friends and family and now I’m offering it you, my readers. If you are interested in learning more about this company and the opportunity they are offering, please email me at
Our team has vowed to not be a pushy group. We will not overload our social media outlets with product sales and we will not promote our products as the “solution” to all your weight loss needs. We believe in diets full of real and healthy foods, and only using supplements to “fill in the gaps” where needed.

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