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To Paleo or Not to Paleo? That is not a question!

Hello readers! I hope you are having a fabulous day and that you’ve had a fabulous week! I can say that  mine has been pretty darn nice. I started a new training plan this week that you can find by going to Mother Pumper and signing up for her newsletter. You will receive the entire 60 day program FREE! She also uploads the workouts to YouTube! Yay!

With this amazing training plan I’ve decided that I really need to take control of my diet. Like, for real. No more excuses.

So, I’m looking into the Paleo diet. While it seems like a tough transition, it seems to be SO worth it! I’ve absolutely noticed intolerance to certain foods like grains, dairy, etc. since eating a cleaner diet. Now I really want to take it to the next level of “clean” and see what my body is truly capable of, without the restrictions these foods put on it.
Restrictions? Yes. When I eat certain foods I feel tired, lazy, no motivation, less interest in just about anything. Not to mention the stomach/ gastro issues that come along with it.
I’m going grocery shopping Friday so I’m making my list now and researching all things Paleo.

I found this interesting and worth sharing:
“Why No Grains?
*Not healthy, no nutrients, not suitable for our digestive system – (causes weight gain and bloating)
*Contain anti-nutrients (phytates- more on that soon)
*Contain lectin (grain protein causes gut irritation) > celiac: gluten intolerance > destruction of villi in intestines > a vast array of digestive/gastrointestinal problems: constipation – heart burn – colon disease – IBS – varicose veins – indigestion – colitis – gall stones – hemorroids – appendicitis – hiatal hernia – duodenal ulcer
*Gluten (wheat, oats) disrupts insulin signalling (1 in 33 people have celiac disease)
*Lead to carb addiction (bread anyone?)
*Kitava study: No cancer, diabetes, heart disease or obesity. Intro to grains/dairy/legumes = disease started
*Inuits: 85% fat, 15% protein, no carbs = no disease”

(You can find the rest of the article here.)

I will NOT be going 100% Paleo because I do LOVE my Body FX products. There are a couple that I can’t live without like our Protein FXEnergy FX and After FX. The Shake FX will be a tough one, too. I’ll probably keep those babies on hand for those days when I just need something quick or I know I’ll be too busy to eat right. 

The hardest part for me is finding clean/ Paleo recipes that everyone will enjoy. I see all kinds of delicious looking recipes all over the web only to find ingredients not pleasing to my husband. If you have a favorite recipe site SHARE IT in the comments! I need all the help I can get!


Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page to keep up with my journey. I’m a fitness/ workout selfie photo junkie, too! Also, you can find lots of fun photos on my Instagram!


Who’s Ready for a Challenge?!

Happy Monday Fitsters!! I hope you’re getting your day and week started off right! I started my day with run/ walk intervals and long walk with a friend. 🙂

Here’s a fun meme for you, made by yours truly:

Keep Calm...

Keep Calm…

Whatcha think? 😉

If you follow me on Facebook you know that we are smack dab in the middle of our Sizzling Summer Slim Down Challenge with Mother Pumper. If not, or if you missed it, we have been running a closed group for our challengers where they have access to personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts, healthy recipes, workouts, group support and so much more all for FREE! Everyone is doing fantastic and having great results!

Well, I’m sure you can guess… It’s time to start thinking about our August participants! Who are they? Hopefully YOU! During this challenge I want to focus on finishing our summer STRONG!

Hey! I think I’ll call it our Finish Summer Strong Challenge!

Would you like to take part in the next group? Send me an email to and I’ll get all the info over to you right away! You can also shoot me a message on Facebook if you prefer. It’s super easy to join, minimal requirements, and lots of fun!
Together we can do anything!

Sleepy Tuesday

Hitting the gym at 10pm last night was fun, don’t get me wrong. But getting up early this morning to walk at 7:30 has me super sleepy!
We focused on upper body and a little cardio during our late night gym session. We had fun and even looked like one of those cute fit couples doing dumbbell curls together and popping our feet up on the bench to do tricep dips… in sync!! How adorable, right?! Wish I could’ve gotten a video, or even a photo of it. Oh well. Use your imagination. 😉

Before I lay my head down and crash for a few (need some energy for leg day!) just let me say this:
There’s no better time than the present to take control of your health. Choose healthy, clean, whole foods. Say goodbye to added sugars and bad carbs. Exercise everyday, even if only a walk. Make the changes necessary to see the changes you desire. Wishing doesn’t deliver results. You earn results with hard work, dedication, determination, consistency and commitment.
Please, take today to make the choice to live better.

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My 30 Day Transformation with Body FX!

My 30 Day Transformation with Body FX!

Wow!! I never would have thought that I’d be a true testimony like this. I knew I’d get results with our fantastic products, but to change my body the way I have still has me in awe.
This is my 30 Day journey.
I used Body FX products regularly. Some days I’d drink a Shake FX if I needed something quick and fully nutritious. I’d drink After FX post-run to help me recover and sometimes after doing JNL Fusion depending on my time schedule. I took Slim FX on the days that my cravings were trying to take over and on days when I caved and cheated to help me stop the binge from taking over my day. Protein FX was a staple as I LOVE grain-free protein pancakes in the morning. The Energy FX got me through those long days with JNL Fusion in the morning and the 1hr long interval training class at the gym.
I was working out 5-7 days a week doing JNL Fusion, light weight training, running (I was doing C25k during this 30 day period), walking and attended a couple interval classes at my gym, played basketball with my son and went on a few bike rides. On top of everything, I ate clean almost 100%.
I had a wonderful support system with my Body FX sponsor who helped push me and keep me accountable, as well as all the members of our amazing team. My family supporting me in this was the best! They kept me going, encouraged me to stay on track, and even had to get stern with me when I wanted to cheat. I probably would have had more slip-ups if they weren’t here to smack my hand. 😉

I hope I can inspire others to take back their health and get the body they so desire. Body FX is so much more than “weight loss” and meal replacement shakes! Our products are truly changing lives because we are HEALING our bodies with proper nutrition and more importantly the PROPER DOSAGE of key ingredients.
I encourage you to take a look for yourself at my website, watch some of the videos from our incredibly caring and committed formulator, Don Bodenbach. Read over the white papers and see what our products can do for you. It’s not anything you’ve seen before. People may try to compare us to our competitors, but there really is no comparison. We have what you need to feel great inside as well as out.
You can always contact me at if you need anything!
Visit to learn more about our products and business opportunity.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise for those Battling Cancer by Melanie Bowen

I am super excited about today’s post!! I have for all of you a guest post from Melanie Bowen. She has researched and written an article about the benefits of regular exercise while battling cancer. There is some great onfo here and linked resources. I urge you to pass this on so that maybe we can help people suffering from this horrible disease. 

When Melanie contacted me and told me about her article I was very honored that she chose me and my blog to share this on. So without further ado, here is her fantastic article:


The Benefits of Regular Exercise for those Battling Cancer

 There is no getting around it, recovering from cancer is a long, painful, exhausting process. When your body seems to be fighting against you so strongly, and you feel so weak all the time, maintaining fitness can be extremely difficult. While it is important to always follow your doctor’s recommendations when it comes to exercise, if he gives the go ahead, keeping up with some amount of exercise during the recovery process can not only help you feel better during the course of it, but ultimately speed up your return to normalcy once you are all better.


Light Activity

 For those undergoing the most aggressive cancer treatments, you will want to keep the exercise very light. Exercise, by definition, stresses the body so it rebuilds itself stronger – but those patients with serious cancer cannot risk stressing the body any more than the treatment already is. The focus of light exercises here is simply to keep the body moving at all.


Light stretching can help one remain flexible and mobile despite being bedridden for long stretches. The slightly increased breathing that comes with stretching can aid those with a lung-related cancer treatments such as mesothelioma and the movement reduces effects of lymphedema, a side effect of some breast cancer surgeries that results in painful swelling. Remaining at all mobile through light stretching can help you improve flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve sleep, and even help keep depression and feelings of negativity at bay.

Moderate Activity

 Once recovery starts to begin, exercises can be increased to a moderate level. The goal of moderate exercise should be a light sweat after ten minutes of working out. One common choice at this stage is yoga. Practicing yoga can decrease fatigue and improve overall physical functioning, and has a noticeable effect on reducing both pain and stress levels. Since yoga classes are social, they can also have a profound mental effect on a recovering patient – many cancer centers are even starting to offer their own classes on-site.


The light physical activity and mental calmness associated with yoga can keep one flexible and dramatically improve the outlook of a recovering patient, often becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy and speeding recovery.


Vigorous Activity

 Once in the later stages of recovery, a patient will be seeking to regain some of their former strength and vitality and can again focus not on simple maintenance, but overall body improvement. Here is when a patient can again resume weight training to rebuild muscle lost due to the treatment and excessive bed rest from earlier stages of recovery. While like with any resistance training program one should start slowly and build up over time, the gains in muscle mass and reduction in fat can improve body image substantially and provide the strength needed to finish off the cancer once and for all.


Again, especially when recovering from cancer, consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. But even if the exercises are not as intense as when you were young and healthy, and the lighter motions feel almost pointless, remember that they are not: any amount of movement and activity is vastly preferable to none, you will feel better throughout the recovery process, and your body will thank you with a faster, less unpleasant recovery.