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DIY Taco Bowls and One Week with NO Flour or Dairy

In my house when we have taco night, I usually make homemade corn tortilla chips for myself and have a taco salad. I try to stay away from flour tortillas due to the calorie and sodium count. Yesterday, while I was on Facebook I came across a shared photo in my news feed of DIY taco bowls. This was perfect since we had tacos planned for last night! There were no instructions with it; temp, time, ect., so I decided to use my chips as a baseline for the recipe. They turned out great, and fun!


Using an upside-down muffin tin you create the bowls. How neat is that?!
I baked mine at 400* for 10 minutes after I sprayed them with spray butter. With the fillings I chose, each bowl is only 236 calories, and one bowl is plenty if you pair it with a side dish, such as Spanish rice.
Here’s what’s in mine:
2 tbs refried beans in the bottom
2 oz lean ground beef (I make my taco meat with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime blend and a little chili powder)
1/2 cup shredded lettuce
1/4 cup chopped tomato
1 tbs plain nonfat Greek yogurt
1 tbs salsa
Yum!! The bowl was overflowing with my mixture and I just love that. These are super easy, super tasty, and super fun!

No Flour and No Dairy for 1 Week
    This challenge I’m doing with a friend. The same friend, in fact, that I BodyRock with long distance. Starting today, for an entire week, we will avoid all foods with flour AND all dairy products. Why? To eliminate the processed foods that are flour and dairy products.
Already on day 1 this is a challenge for us both. She is attending a cookout sure to have burgers and buns galore. In my house we have a visitor; our daughter’s best friend from out of state. We’ve tried planning meals as much as possible for her stay. On the menu for tonight? My husband’s super delicious English muffin pizzas. I’ve been racking my brain to think of some way to still enjoy a dinner that’s pizza-esque. I really don’t want to resort to eating a salad for dinner. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good salad. Tonight though, they’re having yummy little pizzas, and I want some too! My brain racking paid off as I tried to imagine what would work under the sauce and toppings… Rice cakes! Oh yeah!
Wait, as I’m typing this I realize something. Something pretty important, too. Cheese goes on pizza, cheese is dairy… I forgot about the cheese. Thinking cap back on!

My Boy Has Been Groomed and I Saved At Least $30!

By boy, I mean dog. I do this myself, in my home. I do not own a grooming table. Sometimes I wish I did, though. I sit on the floor and do my thing. It is not very easy on my legs, back or neck. I know that if I did have a table my body would thank me, but I don’t think my baby boy would enjoy it as much as he does. He even falls asleep during the cut! He’s so sweet. 🙂
I started doing it myself because it seemed every time I got him back from the groomer’s I wasn’t very happy. He always had clipper lines all over. Maybe it’s because my mom does hair (on people, not dogs), but seeing those clipper lines drove me crazy. I paid a lot of money for him to be groomed and I didn’t feel like he should have lines all over the place.
One day, after picking Tank up from a visit to the salon, I finally told my husband that I could leave clipper lines for a lot less money. We decided to go price some dog clippers and see what I could do.
We didn’t look at anything fancy, I wasn’t planning on going into business or anything. We just headed to Walmart to see what they offered. I ended up buying a set for about the same price as ONE visit to the groomer. So if I can pull off a decent looking cut we’ll save tons of money!
That was years ago, and today I am still my little man’s groomer.


Isn’t he precious?!?!
To this day I use the same clippers we purchased at least 5 years ago, maybe 6. It may be time for a new set, but it has definitely been much more cost effective to do it myself. He looks great, people often ask where he gets it done and are always surprised when I tell them it was me. 🙂
I hope everyone has had an amazing Monday, gotten in some exercise and eaten healthy! I walked 3 miles today. 🙂

What are some things you do to help save your family money?