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Back-to-School Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Bars

Why buy prepackaged bars when you can make these?! This is a super easy, super fun, and super tasty recipe.
My daughter starts high school this year and I’ve been looking for ideas to help ensure she gets some nutrition in the morning. I understand how hard it can be to eat so early. I wanted something she could grab on her way out the door and eat when she was ready (probably on the bus).
After browsing lots of recipe sites, and coming across Udi’s Granola at the local discount foods store, I put this recipe together to test out before school starts next month.
This one is definitely a winner! May I present you with:


Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Bars

1 package Udi’s Natural Artisan Granola (I used Hawaiian)**
1/2 cup peanut butter
2 bananas, mashed
1 tsp vanilla (optional)
1 tsp honey (optional)
pinch of cinnamon (optional)

Set oven to 350*F.
Remove nuts and fruit from granola mix and crush/ chop, return to granola.
Mix peanut butter and mashed bananas until well blended and paste-like.
Add remaining ingredients and mix well.
Spray muffin tin (12) with non stick cooking spray. Fill each cup with mixture.
Bake for 18 minutes.
Cool completely, then wrap individually in plastic wrap. Keeps in refrigerator for about a week.

** You can create your own mixture with oats, dried fruits, and crushed nuts. Just make the mixture amount to 3 cups. I’d use at least one cup of oats, but I’d prefer more oats to fruit/nuts.

If you make these let me know with a comment! I’d love to hear others’ additions and substitutions!

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My Amazing Morning Run, My Fastest Mile

Before bed last night I get my clothes and shoes ready and set them out. I plan my quick and small morning snack to give me fuel for my early morning run; my mile challenge for the week. I’ve got my head ready. I can do this, wake up early, get my run in before I have to get the kids up for school. I did it Monday and it was great! I go right to sleep.
My alarm goes off. I get up and push snooze. I just want to snooze it one time then I’m getting up and getting ready to run. I lie back down. The alarm sounds again.
I get up, I eat, I have a small glass of water. I put on the clothes I set out last night, my shoes. I stretch. I head out the door. I set up my tracker as I make my way to the sidewalk across the street. I walk for 5 minutes to warm up, then start jogging. I’m feeling good. My feet are landing just right. I keep reminding myself to land softly; I don’t want to aggravate my shins. I move off the pavement and run in the grass to lessen the impact. I’m feeling great!
I’m not feeling tired or winded yet. It feels like I could run forever. I glance at the tracker and it seems I’m making excellent time. I don’t remember exactly what it reads, but I know I’m happy with what I saw. Ecstatic even!
I reach the half mile mark and I turn around. I’m still running. This is by far the longest distance I’ve ever ran, and I keep running. I’m not tired or winded. I don’t understand why I’m doing and feeling so great, but I love it so much.
I run all the way back, with long, meaningful and athletic looking strides. I’m running like someone who trains and runs everyday. I’m running like a runner!
Once I reach 1 mile I slow it down and begin to walk. My cool-down. I can’t believe what just happened. Why am I not winded? Last week was so hard, I didn’t do nearly this great and I walked part of it.
Once home I check my time…
Under 6 minutes?! Really?!?! This can’t be! I just ran faster than every person on my team. I’m elated! I’ve never felt this amazing, this accomplished! I go right to my team’s thread and post my time.

I begin hearing music. Breaking Benjamin. I love this song. I hear it every morning. Every morning while my husband’s alarm is sounding off. I start to awaken. It IS my husband’s alarm. I was asleep. I slept through my running time dreaming about running! Seriously?!?!?! Ugh…
Time to wake up the kids.