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Sleepy Tuesday

Hitting the gym at 10pm last night was fun, don’t get me wrong. But getting up early this morning to walk at 7:30 has me super sleepy!
We focused on upper body and a little cardio during our late night gym session. We had fun and even looked like one of those cute fit couples doing dumbbell curls together and popping our feet up on the bench to do tricep dips… in sync!! How adorable, right?! Wish I could’ve gotten a video, or even a photo of it. Oh well. Use your imagination. πŸ˜‰

Before I lay my head down and crash for a few (need some energy for leg day!) just let me say this:
There’s no better time than the present to take control of your health. Choose healthy, clean, whole foods. Say goodbye to added sugars and bad carbs. Exercise everyday, even if only a walk. Make the changes necessary to see the changes you desire. Wishing doesn’t deliver results. You earn results with hard work, dedication, determination, consistency and commitment.
Please, take today to make the choice to live better.

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Yellow Watermelon (yes, it’s actually yellow), and a little fitness and diet update

This is just going to be a quick little post. I purchased a yellow watermelon from my locally owned produce and discount grocery store. I LOVE this store. I have tried so many new things since I started shopping there, and the owners are super nice. That’s always a plus. πŸ™‚ So I basically try to purchase as much as I can from there to shorten my list and reduce my costs from the big chain grocery store.
Yesterday I brought home a yellow watermelon!


Yellow Watermelon

For those who have never heard of such a thing (I hadn’t until they brought them in a couple weeks ago), they taste pretty much the same as a red watermelon. I didn’t notice any difference in texture, either. It seems to me it’s all about hype with this unusually colored fruit. But hype is cool, and everyone loved seeing it was actually yellow! We are now stocked up on yellow watermelon…


Does it look like I'm a watermelon hoarder?

**Fitness Update:
Β Β Β Β  I have one day left of the BodyRock February Challenge, and it’s my final fit test. I can’t wait to see my scores! I feel so much stronger, and proud that I actually committed and completed a full month’s program! My weight hasn’t really changed, but I’m pretty sure my snacking choices and inability to limit myself are to blame for that. It’s a work in progress.

**Diet Related:
Β Β Β Β  We have started implementing rules for choosing breakfast cereals. It’s actually a little test I learned from another site. There’s three requirements a cereal must meet to be considered; first ingredient must be whole grain, it must have at least 4g fiber, and no sugar (or other forms of sugar) listed in the first three ingredients. We’ve done well so far. Our first trip to buy cereal was a huge success. My son was very avid about following the rules. He checked every label and ultimately made a great choice which led him to trying something new, something that he liked, too. My daughter made an excellent choice and picked shredded wheat. Other than the fact that it’s one of the healthier choices by far, it’s a cereal that you can add your own flavor to. A little chocolate, a little honey, some fresh fruit, or even just a little sugar. The possibilities really are endless.
So we’ve made a deal: if everyone keeps their meals as healthy as possible, I’ll give a little on the not-so-healthy snacks. The balance has worked out nicely. πŸ™‚

1) How is your fitness coming along? Have you tried anything new lately? As I’m coming to the end of this challenge I’d love to hear of some new ideas.Β 

2) What things do you do to keep the household happy in the food department? Are there special rules for certain foods or meals? I’m sure we’d all love to have a few more tricks up our sleeves for getting the kids and spouses eating better.

Fitness Friday! & Hydration

If you’re following, you know that I declared this week Stay Hydrated To Stay Healthy week. I haven’t been very happy with my progress. Why is it so hard to remember to drink water?! I have no idea, but with some “outside” help I believe I may have found a way.
I was thinking and thinking, brainstorming. Trying to figure out a way to remind myself to drink.
1) I could set an alarm (or several alarms)
2) I could write it down and post it EVERYWHERE
3) I could go and try a water app again (last time it didn’t work. Taking a sip every hour didn’t work out.)
**I can probably down about 4 ounces comfortably at one time. What if I drank 4 ounces every half hour that I’m awake? No. Well, how about 4 ounces every half hour from 8am-10pm? That’s 14 hours, 112 ounces. That would be perfect! Now, to find a way to remind myself every 30 minutes… I need an app that sends notifications in 30 minute intervals.**
The search began. It didn’t take long before I found a nifty little reminders app. The repeat option doesn’t have every 30 minutes, but it does have every hour. Not a problem with this app, I just set 2 reminders half hour apart and set them to remind every hour. The best feature for what I’m trying to do is the option to set “quiet hours”. This allows me to use these hourly reminders without it sounding between 10pm and 8am.
Today is day one using this system and so far it has been great! I used a measuring cup and filled it to 4 ounces. Then I found the smallest glass we have, a wine glass, and filled that with the water. Now I can eyeball the amount once I pour in the water.Β  I keep a large insulated cup filled with ice water in the fridge, and every 30 minutes I pour 4 ounces into the glass. Brilliant!


Hey! It’s Fitness Friday! I’ve been doing really well this week. I’ve exercised every day and have even been getting my yoga on. πŸ™‚ I’ve been mixing things up doing a little BodyRock, a little ZWOW, putting exercises together from different routines to create my own. It has been fun! And let’s not forget biking, walking and incorporating jogging intervals again. Yay!
I have to give props to the ZWOW workout I’ve done this week. I attempted #18, and was unable to complete all 5 rounds. It sure did have me sweaty! Today I attempted it once again with fabulous results! I took a short break in between each round and modified when and where necessary. I completed 5 rounds while also upping the reps on certain parts each time. Woo woo!
Mega burn, mega sweat, mega awesomeness!

Q: What new ways have you found to make sure you are consuming enough water?
Q: Have you tried any new workouts lately? What were they?! I’d love to hear about them!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Stay Hydrated To Stay Healthy, my new mantra this week.

I don’t know about you, but I have an incredibly hard time consuming even the recommended 64 ounces of water per day, let alone the extra I should be drinking. I have a big 34 ounce cup that I fill with ice water everyday and sometimes I don’t even get that down. For me, not only have I needed to learn to drink water instead of sweet tea all day, I also have to learn to drink enough water. I’ve never been one to consume lots of liquids. So it has been a challenge; drink more water AND drink more period.

Today I’m claiming this week to be:

“Stay Hydrated To Stay Healthy Week”


We all know how important water is to our bodies. It’s beneficial to our skin, hair, internal organs, digestion, and weight loss. Want to learn more? Do a simple internet search using keywords such as “benefits of drinking water”. You’ll most likely be surprised, there’s a lot more to it than you might realize.

I would like to encourage everyone to write down this week’s mantra and stick it to the fridge! Think before you drink! Opt for water instead of sweetened, unhealthy beverages. It might be hard at first, but you will get used to it and come to enjoy the the refreshing taste of water more than that soda, juice or tea.
I’d also like to encourage everyone to spread the word to drink more water this week. Post to your Facebook, blog, tell a friend, share on Twitter! We can all benefit from this message.

Search online for a tool that let’s you input some information and gives you a good idea of the amount of water you should consume daily.
Download a water tracking app to your iphone, Droid, tablet or iPad to help you keep track and to help you see if you’re really consuming as much as you thought. I know sometimes we think we are doing enough of something until we break it down and record it.
What tips do you have for me, or others like me, who have a hard time drinking as much water as we should? Please, share your answers with us in the comments so we can all learn a thing or two!

A Lose It! friend shared this link with me. It’s a short quiz to help you determine how much water you need each day.

Not In The Mood to Follow A Workout Video? Create Your Own!

My focus area lately has been thighs and booty. Walking/jogging, stair repeats, squats, etc. have all been added here and there to my workouts. Today I had a plan to do a Bodyrock workout, but just wasn’t feeling it. I did a 30 minute yoga session, then was kind of pacing around, cleaning up, not sure what to do, trying to convince myself to just do the darn workout. It’s been a rainy day so no walking or biking for now. As I was walking through the dining room I kind of randomly lifted my knee like doingΒ  high knees. I had a thought to do some walking high knees. Low impact, that’s good. My knees and shins are not too fond of high impact exercises such as your typical high knees.
I did that a couple of times when I decided to put together my own little set. I thought of 4 leg exercises that I really feel give a good workout, added some upper body movements to up the intensity and created my own 8 minute workout. Since this is an interval type thing, you can choose to do however many sets as you wish. This can be a 4 minute workout, 8 minutes, 12 minutes, or even 16 minutes! You get the idea. πŸ™‚
I thought I’d share it with you, ask for some feedback, and maybe start doing this more often. It was fun and rewarding to create it, and realize it was a good combo!
So here goes:
Set your interval timer for 50/10, 8 rounds. Complete the set two times.
(If you don’t own a timer, but do own an iphone or Droid, you can find free timer apps in the app store.)
1) Walking high knees with alternating hammer fist
2) Alternating forward lunges with biceps curls
3) Sumo side lifts
4) Backward lunge with overhead press
* This workout can be modified to be less or more intense, and higher or lower impact depending on your ability and level.
* Adding hand weights to numbers 1, 2, and 4 and a sandbag to number 3 will intensify this workout.
** Disclaimer: I am NOT a certified trainer nor do I claim to be. Doing this workout in no way holds me liable for anything. I am merely a mama learning her way in fitness and food.

My Boy Has Been Groomed and I Saved At Least $30!

By boy, I mean dog. I do this myself, in my home. I do not own a grooming table. Sometimes I wish I did, though. I sit on the floor and do my thing. It is not very easy on my legs, back or neck. I know that if I did have a table my body would thank me, but I don’t think my baby boy would enjoy it as much as he does. He even falls asleep during the cut! He’s so sweet. πŸ™‚
I started doing it myself because it seemed every time I got him back from the groomer’s I wasn’t very happy. He always had clipper lines all over. Maybe it’s because my mom does hair (on people, not dogs), but seeing those clipper lines drove me crazy. I paid a lot of money for him to be groomed and I didn’t feel like he should have lines all over the place.
One day, after picking Tank up from a visit to the salon, I finally told my husband that I could leave clipper lines for a lot less money. We decided to go price some dog clippers and see what I could do.
We didn’t look at anything fancy, I wasn’t planning on going into business or anything. We just headed to Walmart to see what they offered. I ended up buying a set for about the same price as ONE visit to the groomer. So if I can pull off a decent looking cut we’ll save tons of money!
That was years ago, and today I am still my little man’s groomer.


Isn’t he precious?!?!
To this day I use the same clippers we purchased at least 5 years ago, maybe 6. It may be time for a new set, but it has definitely been much more cost effective to do it myself. He looks great, people often ask where he gets it done and are always surprised when I tell them it was me. πŸ™‚
I hope everyone has had an amazing Monday, gotten in some exercise and eaten healthy! I walked 3 miles today. πŸ™‚

What are some things you do to help save your family money?

Dawn has started a new blog!

So here I go again… A new blog.
Since losing my computer to the computer gods in December my photography journey has been put on hold. Yes, December. No, we still haven’t purchased a new one. Finances are not allowing for that expense just yet. Work has been slow, we recently moved to a home that we are renovating while living in it. With everything going on and no computer my other blog, D.M. Photography, has fallen to the wayside. At least until I’m able to pick up photography again.
That brings me to this blog, MDPIE. It stands for Motivation, Dedication, Perspiration, Imagination, Education. All the things I’ve needed to get me through to today.
In January I began a new journey; to lose weight. After quitting smoking in September I spent the following months extremely inactive and completely careless with my food choices. Guess what? It showed, and in many ways. While I felt better after becoming an ex-smoker, I also felt lazy, overweight, and bored. I finally made a decision to do something about it. I joined a site called Lose It!, set a weight loss goal, and began tracking my calories. This was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. I’ll tell you, it’s shocking to see how many calories you’re actually taking in.
The first week I didn’t try to cut calories too much, just tracked them so I could get an idea of where I was. It seemed so easy. All I have to do is eat less! I can do that! I even thought I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I stayed within my calorie budget. Yeah, that mindset didn’t last very long.
Over the course of the last few months I’ve lost 22.5 pounds. I’ve learned a lot about food choices. Shoot, I’m still learning a lot about choices. I love food! Dieting has opened my eyes to different foods. It has gotten my whole family eating more fruits and fresh veggies, whole grains, and trying new foods all the time. Some we love (especially me) and some not so much. I’m not a wife and mother that forces everyone to adopt my diet, but instead I encourage them to just try new things. And I feel it’s definitely working. πŸ™‚
Along with dieting comes the exercise. When I first started this journey I used my daughter’s Wii Fit to exercise, plus some walking and occasional bike rides. While the Wii was fun, and a great way to kick off my new lifestyle changes, I quickly realized I needed to do more. I started researching, downloading apps, using On Demand to do all different types of workouts. So far it has been a great (non)program for me. Most recently I downloaded an app called Workout Trainer, the free version. I’m currently on week 2 of their freebie program. I feel that with less than 10 pounds to my goal weight I need to incorporate some actual scheduled workouts into my weeks. If not, I know I’ll stop short. It’s time for some structure. I am liking the app and I might just go Pro. πŸ™‚ I’ve also just completed week 1 of the Hundred Pushup Program, along with my husband and kids! I’ve fallen in love with tabata style workouts. My preferred place for tabata interval workouts is bexlife.com. So far #7 is my favorite!

My plan is to use this blog to share recipes, ideas, stories, etc. To motivate others to try new things. To share my progress, up and downs, and just about anything I feel like sharing. It is my blog after all! All I ask is that you bear with me. I am doing this 100% from my EVO. My EVO that I cannot help but to hit the period instead of the space button often, which means a LOT of proofreading and editing. I’ll try to correct any errors, but I can’t promise perfection.

Veggies for my 1 egg and 1 egg white omelette.