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My Amazing Morning Run, My Fastest Mile

Before bed last night I get my clothes and shoes ready and set them out. I plan my quick and small morning snack to give me fuel for my early morning run; my mile challenge for the week. I’ve got my head ready. I can do this, wake up early, get my run in before I have to get the kids up for school. I did it Monday and it was great! I go right to sleep.
My alarm goes off. I get up and push snooze. I just want to snooze it one time then I’m getting up and getting ready to run. I lie back down. The alarm sounds again.
I get up, I eat, I have a small glass of water. I put on the clothes I set out last night, my shoes. I stretch. I head out the door. I set up my tracker as I make my way to the sidewalk across the street. I walk for 5 minutes to warm up, then start jogging. I’m feeling good. My feet are landing just right. I keep reminding myself to land softly; I don’t want to aggravate my shins. I move off the pavement and run in the grass to lessen the impact. I’m feeling great!
I’m not feeling tired or winded yet. It feels like I could run forever. I glance at the tracker and it seems I’m making excellent time. I don’t remember exactly what it reads, but I know I’m happy with what I saw. Ecstatic even!
I reach the half mile mark and I turn around. I’m still running. This is by far the longest distance I’ve ever ran, and I keep running. I’m not tired or winded. I don’t understand why I’m doing and feeling so great, but I love it so much.
I run all the way back, with long, meaningful and athletic looking strides. I’m running like someone who trains and runs everyday. I’m running like a runner!
Once I reach 1 mile I slow it down and begin to walk. My cool-down. I can’t believe what just happened. Why am I not winded? Last week was so hard, I didn’t do nearly this great and I walked part of it.
Once home I check my time…
Under 6 minutes?! Really?!?! This can’t be! I just ran faster than every person on my team. I’m elated! I’ve never felt this amazing, this accomplished! I go right to my team’s thread and post my time.

I begin hearing music. Breaking Benjamin. I love this song. I hear it every morning. Every morning while my husband’s alarm is sounding off. I start to awaken. It IS my husband’s alarm. I was asleep. I slept through my running time dreaming about running! Seriously?!?!?! Ugh…
Time to wake up the kids.