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An important PSA and Project “Fiti Wants to RUN”

Today is day 1 of project “Fiti Wants to RUN”. We had a break in the rain so I took my chances and went out. It wasn’t very far, but I did intervals with 3 of them being jogging.
I’m taking the safe route this time and SLOWLY building up to running. This is the price I have to pay for spending so many years being inactive and neglecting my health. My body was so torn down that I have to be very careful or I will be hurt and unable to exercise at all. The last time I tried to get into running, last year, I ended up with horribly painful shin splints and couldn’t do anything for quite some time. I was uneducated, I didn’t recognize the difference between good pain and bad pain, and I pushed too hard making the problem worse.
It was my husband who gave me a wake up call while I was feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t run. He said something like “You basically spent most of your life not exercising. You’ve only been doing this a few months. Things are going to hurt.”
Shin splints, bad knee, excess weight, no cardiovascular strength. That’s what happens when you sit on your ass eating whatever and however much you want, smoking cigarettes because when you were young you wanted to be grown, and ignoring ALL of the info given to you throughout your life about nutrition, health, being active, and just taking care of your body.
We are either rewarded or punished for how we take care of ourselves. It’s up to us.

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30 Day Challenge a la Fiti!

Yesterday I sat down with my notebook, a pen, and all of my workout notes. I was determined to put together a 4 week exercise plan to keep me on track over the next 30 days.
Why? My birthday is next month! It’s also my 1 year anniversary of becoming an ex-smoker!
I want to plan a party. A pool party. At my house, and I want to look smokin’ hot! As my good friend put it “smokin’ from not smokin’!” 😛
So I sat down, I created a weekly list of workouts. For example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday is: warm-up, hundredpushups program, abs, weighted upper body workout. Tuesday and Thursday is: walk/ jog, thigh & butt workout, plank.
I went on to create new pages where I listed different workout sets as options. There’s the warm-ups page that has nice cardio intervals, an abs page with different variations of my 5 minute ab workouts and the plank options, an upper body page and finally a thighs and butt page. They each have at least 2 sets to choose from, and I know I can add modifications or even substitute some rounds for other exercises to keep it interesting. I could even turn some into combo moves on days I’m feeling really creative and adventurous!
Here’s a little collage I put together of my workout plan pages. 🙂


Fiti's 30 Day Challenge

It’s time for me to put the phone down and get geared up to start Day 1 Week 1!

*Have you ever put together your own workout routine? It can be fun! Go ahead, and give it try this week. Then come back here and let me know how it went with a comment, or go to my Facebook page and post it there!

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My Amazing Morning Run, My Fastest Mile

Before bed last night I get my clothes and shoes ready and set them out. I plan my quick and small morning snack to give me fuel for my early morning run; my mile challenge for the week. I’ve got my head ready. I can do this, wake up early, get my run in before I have to get the kids up for school. I did it Monday and it was great! I go right to sleep.
My alarm goes off. I get up and push snooze. I just want to snooze it one time then I’m getting up and getting ready to run. I lie back down. The alarm sounds again.
I get up, I eat, I have a small glass of water. I put on the clothes I set out last night, my shoes. I stretch. I head out the door. I set up my tracker as I make my way to the sidewalk across the street. I walk for 5 minutes to warm up, then start jogging. I’m feeling good. My feet are landing just right. I keep reminding myself to land softly; I don’t want to aggravate my shins. I move off the pavement and run in the grass to lessen the impact. I’m feeling great!
I’m not feeling tired or winded yet. It feels like I could run forever. I glance at the tracker and it seems I’m making excellent time. I don’t remember exactly what it reads, but I know I’m happy with what I saw. Ecstatic even!
I reach the half mile mark and I turn around. I’m still running. This is by far the longest distance I’ve ever ran, and I keep running. I’m not tired or winded. I don’t understand why I’m doing and feeling so great, but I love it so much.
I run all the way back, with long, meaningful and athletic looking strides. I’m running like someone who trains and runs everyday. I’m running like a runner!
Once I reach 1 mile I slow it down and begin to walk. My cool-down. I can’t believe what just happened. Why am I not winded? Last week was so hard, I didn’t do nearly this great and I walked part of it.
Once home I check my time…
Under 6 minutes?! Really?!?! This can’t be! I just ran faster than every person on my team. I’m elated! I’ve never felt this amazing, this accomplished! I go right to my team’s thread and post my time.

I begin hearing music. Breaking Benjamin. I love this song. I hear it every morning. Every morning while my husband’s alarm is sounding off. I start to awaken. It IS my husband’s alarm. I was asleep. I slept through my running time dreaming about running! Seriously?!?!?! Ugh…
Time to wake up the kids.