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My 30 Day Transformation with Body FX!

My 30 Day Transformation with Body FX!

Wow!! I never would have thought that I’d be a true testimony like this. I knew I’d get results with our fantastic products, but to change my body the way I have still has me in awe.
This is my 30 Day journey.
I used Body FX products regularly. Some days I’d drink a Shake FX if I needed something quick and fully nutritious. I’d drink After FX post-run to help me recover and sometimes after doing JNL Fusion depending on my time schedule. I took Slim FX on the days that my cravings were trying to take over and on days when I caved and cheated to help me stop the binge from taking over my day. Protein FX was a staple as I LOVE grain-free protein pancakes in the morning. The Energy FX got me through those long days with JNL Fusion in the morning and the 1hr long interval training class at the gym.
I was working out 5-7 days a week doing JNL Fusion, light weight training, running (I was doing C25k during this 30 day period), walking and attended a couple interval classes at my gym, played basketball with my son and went on a few bike rides. On top of everything, I ate clean almost 100%.
I had a wonderful support system with my Body FX sponsor who helped push me and keep me accountable, as well as all the members of our amazing team. My family supporting me in this was the best! They kept me going, encouraged me to stay on track, and even had to get stern with me when I wanted to cheat. I probably would have had more slip-ups if they weren’t here to smack my hand. 😉

I hope I can inspire others to take back their health and get the body they so desire. Body FX is so much more than “weight loss” and meal replacement shakes! Our products are truly changing lives because we are HEALING our bodies with proper nutrition and more importantly the PROPER DOSAGE of key ingredients.
I encourage you to take a look for yourself at my website, watch some of the videos from our incredibly caring and committed formulator, Don Bodenbach. Read over the white papers and see what our products can do for you. It’s not anything you’ve seen before. People may try to compare us to our competitors, but there really is no comparison. We have what you need to feel great inside as well as out.
You can always contact me at fitifitness.bodyfxdirect@gmail.com if you need anything!
Visit http://www.fitifitness.bodyfxdirect.com to learn more about our products and business opportunity.

Fitness Friday! & Hydration

If you’re following, you know that I declared this week Stay Hydrated To Stay Healthy week. I haven’t been very happy with my progress. Why is it so hard to remember to drink water?! I have no idea, but with some “outside” help I believe I may have found a way.
I was thinking and thinking, brainstorming. Trying to figure out a way to remind myself to drink.
1) I could set an alarm (or several alarms)
2) I could write it down and post it EVERYWHERE
3) I could go and try a water app again (last time it didn’t work. Taking a sip every hour didn’t work out.)
**I can probably down about 4 ounces comfortably at one time. What if I drank 4 ounces every half hour that I’m awake? No. Well, how about 4 ounces every half hour from 8am-10pm? That’s 14 hours, 112 ounces. That would be perfect! Now, to find a way to remind myself every 30 minutes… I need an app that sends notifications in 30 minute intervals.**
The search began. It didn’t take long before I found a nifty little reminders app. The repeat option doesn’t have every 30 minutes, but it does have every hour. Not a problem with this app, I just set 2 reminders half hour apart and set them to remind every hour. The best feature for what I’m trying to do is the option to set “quiet hours”. This allows me to use these hourly reminders without it sounding between 10pm and 8am.
Today is day one using this system and so far it has been great! I used a measuring cup and filled it to 4 ounces. Then I found the smallest glass we have, a wine glass, and filled that with the water. Now I can eyeball the amount once I pour in the water.  I keep a large insulated cup filled with ice water in the fridge, and every 30 minutes I pour 4 ounces into the glass. Brilliant!


Hey! It’s Fitness Friday! I’ve been doing really well this week. I’ve exercised every day and have even been getting my yoga on. 🙂 I’ve been mixing things up doing a little BodyRock, a little ZWOW, putting exercises together from different routines to create my own. It has been fun! And let’s not forget biking, walking and incorporating jogging intervals again. Yay!
I have to give props to the ZWOW workout I’ve done this week. I attempted #18, and was unable to complete all 5 rounds. It sure did have me sweaty! Today I attempted it once again with fabulous results! I took a short break in between each round and modified when and where necessary. I completed 5 rounds while also upping the reps on certain parts each time. Woo woo!
Mega burn, mega sweat, mega awesomeness!

Q: What new ways have you found to make sure you are consuming enough water?
Q: Have you tried any new workouts lately? What were they?! I’d love to hear about them!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Stay Hydrated To Stay Healthy, my new mantra this week.

I don’t know about you, but I have an incredibly hard time consuming even the recommended 64 ounces of water per day, let alone the extra I should be drinking. I have a big 34 ounce cup that I fill with ice water everyday and sometimes I don’t even get that down. For me, not only have I needed to learn to drink water instead of sweet tea all day, I also have to learn to drink enough water. I’ve never been one to consume lots of liquids. So it has been a challenge; drink more water AND drink more period.

Today I’m claiming this week to be:

“Stay Hydrated To Stay Healthy Week”


We all know how important water is to our bodies. It’s beneficial to our skin, hair, internal organs, digestion, and weight loss. Want to learn more? Do a simple internet search using keywords such as “benefits of drinking water”. You’ll most likely be surprised, there’s a lot more to it than you might realize.

I would like to encourage everyone to write down this week’s mantra and stick it to the fridge! Think before you drink! Opt for water instead of sweetened, unhealthy beverages. It might be hard at first, but you will get used to it and come to enjoy the the refreshing taste of water more than that soda, juice or tea.
I’d also like to encourage everyone to spread the word to drink more water this week. Post to your Facebook, blog, tell a friend, share on Twitter! We can all benefit from this message.

Search online for a tool that let’s you input some information and gives you a good idea of the amount of water you should consume daily.
Download a water tracking app to your iphone, Droid, tablet or iPad to help you keep track and to help you see if you’re really consuming as much as you thought. I know sometimes we think we are doing enough of something until we break it down and record it.
What tips do you have for me, or others like me, who have a hard time drinking as much water as we should? Please, share your answers with us in the comments so we can all learn a thing or two!

A Lose It! friend shared this link with me. It’s a short quiz to help you determine how much water you need each day.